Crystals, Christianity, and Compromise

CrystalsSpirituality and the power of it can be practiced in a variety of different ways, and I am going to talk about the healing power of crystals. Gems and Crystals, specifically the quartz, have great energy, and this energy is transferred to people-whether they go for crystal healing therapy or not.

The use of crystals is greatly exercised in Chakra work. The chakras are seven points in the body which transmit different energies to the rest of the body. These seven points include the base of the spine, the sexual organs, the navel, the heart, the thyroid, the third eye, and the crown. When doing chakra healing, different stones can be laid down on each point in the body for a specific amount of time, and each stone represents something different. This healing is known to increase energy levels, and enable better sleep. Believe it or not, crystal healing became more well-known after the release of the Superman movie with Christopher Reeves, when he uses the stone to obtain power.

ChakrasCrystals can be used in many spiritual and even religious acts, but the topic of religion is disagreed upon by many, and it can cause great discomfort between two people in a relationship. If one person in the relationship believes in God, or a form of God, and the other believes in a different god, or no god at all, religion can destroy the relationship. I have seen a situation in which the guy was a Christian and went to Cell group every week, and often talked about God and religion to his girlfriend, and she was an atheist and very anti-God and Christianity. It caused many fights and disagreements, as neither the one nor the other could find a happy-medium when it came to their different viewpoints. Even though one would not hear of the other one’s beliefs, they came up with a compromise to merely respect the fact that each other believed in something different.

ChristianCrossHowever; not every couple can agree to disagree, and religion can completely ruin a relationship!

Every person is entitled to his own belief, even if it causes debate. If a fight erupts about religion between you and your partner, take some time out and go for crystal healing, it will calm you and bring you back your energy. Religion is felt among those who chose to believe it, but spirituality embraces us all.


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